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Join us at Serenity, a place for body and mind

Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said was the first one in Oman to launch a special local “Women’s Retreat”ย programย to encourage women to relax and concentrate on self-development and self-appreciation. The first of these retreats was to the Damaniyat Islands in Oman on March 19th 2016 under the theme โ€œMe, Myself and Iโ€. A whole day of fun and light activities in addition to Yoga, meditation andย smallย discussion groups of variousย life issues i.e, stressย management,ย developingย self-esteem and learning how to work well in teams.

Three more successful retreats followed; โ€œMore than a Womanโ€ aimed at the professional working woman and the โ€œClarityโ€ retreat that took the women into a journey of self-discovery to Omanโ€™s southern spot, Salalah. The most recent was to SriLanka โ€œPhoenixโ€ in January 2018 where women learned to appreciate their hidden treasures and unlock their amazing abilities that will enable them to transform into the women they are truly meant to be

The aim of these specially-designed women retreats is to give the women a chance to explore their hidden beautiful traits and to connect with their inner self to bring harmony and serenity into their normal lives. And whatโ€™s more, to find a balance between body and mind leading them to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

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